So, what do wealth managers actually do?

Many people are often confused between the tasks of a Wealth Manager and an Investment Manager. Traditionally, Wealth Management is viewed within the confines of stocks, mutual funds and bonds, however this is more in line with the role of an Investment Manager. Find out a little more about how our Wealth Managers can help you.

Our “Wealth Managers” are actively involved in retirement planning for our clients, developing a close relationship and truly engaging with clients to ensure we help them achieve their goals throughout life and through to retirement. We’re constantly developing our clients investment portfolio based on where they are in their life cycle looking closely at both career and personal life to achieve a holistic view of where their goals lie.

These days it’s vital to have a plan in place, pensions are constantly changing and announcements like last month – the abolition of the death tax – mean that the public are kept guessing about what to do with their money. With the government leading savers and investors down one path then changing tack, it’s important to keep informed and make sure you know your money is working hard for you. A “one size fits all” pension amidst these changes can be unrealistic and inflexible, we help you to understand your personal situation and based on this, create a bespoke lifetime plan.

We find that one of the main reason so many fall short in saving for retirement is that a number of people aren’t treating their “nest egg” as they should be. Many are doing the right thing and saving consistently, however some see this money as an emergency cash flow or money to gradually live off during retirement.  Whereas we see it as an asset to produce money during retirement ensuring that you’re prepared for all eventualities as well as some treats too!

Talk to us today about our 6 Step plan and our wealth managers will help you to achieve your goals.