Executive Support

We have worked with the boards of NHS Trusts and have advised members of the board at the highest levels of the NHS.

We can provide Executive Team briefings as workshops as well as 1-2-1 support.

This can be tailored for small scale impacts or for an organisation as a whole.

We are often consulted on the impact to a members NHS Pension following the implementation of pay reviews (Board Members, VSM’s, Departmental Directorate, CEA Awards, etc.), as well as what will happen with redundancy and redeployment.

An NHS Trust, CSU, CCG, ALB can best use our services by getting us involved at the start of such processes as we are often able to advise the impact and potential costs to the individual and the body of various strategies and therefore help shape the best way to implement these.

HR & Workforce Support

With two distinctive NHS Pension Schemes now in place there are increasing complexities that are facing HR Departments.

There are also errors creeping into the process that have serious implications to the member and you. These often cause conflict, disruption and unnecessary cost.

We have extensive experience of identifying and resolving these when they arise however, we add the most value when you call us in before decisions are made to advise and support the outcomes you are looking to achieve.

This can be used for both face to face meetings, group presentations, or we will host webinars with people that are affected as well as offering technical back-up to your HR functions.

Finance Support

With the now ever present fiscal strain on NHS employers, identifying and driving efficiencies is paramount.

Having worked with Finance Teams at local and national level, we have been able to prove that by out-sourcing to CMS can either reduce direct staffing costs, or will free up existing staff to focus on other work and projects.

In addition we can forecast potential costs savings such as:

  • Final pay controls and employer charges
  • Employer superannuation contributions
  • Retire and return policies
  • Salary sacrifice analysis

Lean measures in organisational processes will allow you to free up funding for other workstreams

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