Re-Structuring – Changes in staffing levels and pay bandings will present questions and issues, from Employer Charge Forecasting to individual Annual Allowance liabilities, reckonable pay calculations and many more, we can provide a network of support to help plan for the unseen

Redundancy – Whether compulsory or voluntary, redundancy is a difficult time for both employer and employee. The benefit of providing an effective communication channel and back up support really adds value and can help reduce disruption for both parties

TUPE Transfers – With NHS contracts being negotiated and commissioned as never before there can sometimes be an inevitable impact on staffing levels. We can provide support to help inform staff transferring out or transferring in

M.A.R.S – This occasionally used feature can be an effective way to drive lean efficiencies within an organisation. However, ensuring that affected staff are accurately informed and assisted with their choices is integral to a successful programme

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