Youtube: A hub for financial advice? See our top 8 Channels

More and  more people are  turning to alternative sources for vital banking and money advice, we’ve found the best youtube channels for you to follow

1. Professor Savings

Professor Savings provides consumer-orientated videos on everything from saving at major stores to making sure you’re budgeting your outgoings properly. It is US-based, so some of the tips might not apply, but the style is interesting and engaging, delivering financial education in a brief & sound way.

2. Money Advice Service

The money advice service is a useful channel dedicated to enabling people to make better financial decisions through offering free impartial advice on largely transactional money matters, ranging from use beginners guide to managing your finances to buying your first home.

3. Nationwide Channel

We would always recommend independent financial advice, but some of the big banks do produce really engaging content that could be useful. This Nationwide channel has an informative and useful ‘managing your finances’ section, which is clear to understand and can be a good introduction to some topics.

4. MoneySupermarket

The MoneySupermarket channel has a whole library of fun and informative videos that, again, are mainly useful for consumer spending and everyday ways to save!

5. Money Saving Expert

Martin Lewis from the Money Saving Expert hosts a series of factual videos, a quick response to new consumer spending problems. This channel focuses on how and where to save money, whether that be on daily purchases, or reducing spends on things like utilities and other regular bills. Very useful!

6. MoneyWeek

MoneyWeek videos are precise, intelligent and to the point. Linking with the MoneyWeek magazine they produce content on what is important in the world of finance.

7. London School of Business and Finance

You can go back to school with the LSBF channel, which is currently hosting a series of very insightful videos of the school talking with figureheads from the world of business. Great for a wider, more business-focused view on the financial world.

8. GuideVine

GuideVine is another US-based channel, specialising in short tips like how to fill out various returns and forms. Because it’s US-centric, not all of them will be relevant but there is plenty of useful content for UK residents too, including videos covering retirement saving and other topics important to your financial planning.